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A Cake Lady Delights
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Chef Gail ships cakes for holiday gift giving.

We can ship a cake to all corners of this great country for less than the cost of flowers and a lot more tasty...

These are some of the goodies. What's your favorite?

Banana Cake (won several blue ribbons)

Pumpkin Pie Torte (mild natural flavor)

Coconut Custard Pie (won several blue ribbons)

Pina Colada Cake ( White cake layered with sautéed pineapple, coconut frosting and finished with coconut shavings)

Italian Honey Cake (Pinoli Nuts and Honey Drizzle)
Pistachio-Walnut Swirl (Pistachio green cake with a Cinnamon-Walnut Swirl)

Pumpkin Cake (with pumpkin mousse and caramel sauce)

Sacher Chocolate Torte (dark chocolate cake with layers of raspberry coulis, light mocha frosting and a semisweet chocolate top)

Cupcakes (Name it)

Did Someone Say Cheese Cake?

Fresh Ricotta Cheese Pie (no crust- Italian Cheesecake with grain & a hint of chocolate)

Cheese Cake (smoothe & creamy with sautéed pineapple and strawberry)

Bailey's Irish Cream Cheese Cake (with a walnut crust & crème caramel glaze)

Birthday or Occasion? Ask Chef Gail about local delivery.
Call (516) 770-3735 NOW
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