Some of the Chef Gail Creations to watch for at Street Fairs & Festivals:
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WARNING: Big Portions Only! Order Responsibly!
Mama’s Famous Lasagna
(layers of pasta with meat & Italian cheeses in a tomato "gravy")

Italian Chicken Spiedies Burrito
(tender chicken marinated with the cake lady magic mild spices, put on the grill with onions and served in a pita or whole wheat burrito)

Bubbling Baked Ziti
(baked pasta al dente with Italian cheeses)

Roasted Spring Chicken & Corn Salsa
(Delizioso! lemon pepper & garlic seasoning with a tasty side dish)

Chicken Pot-Tato
(chicken Pot Pie in a baked potato)

Manly Meatball Hero
(Meatballs this good can only come from Mama)

Ligurian Pesto Linguini
(tender leaves of basil, parsley, romano cheese & pine nuts with a virgin olive oil, cling to al dente pasta for a fresh garden taste)

Gobble Up Turkey Chili Bowl
(low fat & high flavor)

Mount Vesuvius Meatloaf
(a mountain of meatloaf- oozing with a thick ketchup sauce & fries)

Lite Pasta Salad
(bow tie pasta with veggies, aioli)

Who’s Your BIG Daddy Dog
(huge all beef hot dog)

Beast Burger
(1/3 lb. lean burger on a toasted bun)

   *Add American Cheese **Add Avocado

OMG! Fried Mac“N”Cheese Balls (2)
(crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside)

Loaded Rice Cannonballs (2)
(Rice balls made with 3 kinds of Italian Cheese & fried golden brown)

Freedom Fries
(American fried potatoes)
You can always count on a Cake Lady Cake of the Day
 & a cold soft drink
Home Brew -- CARAMELO ICED CAFE w/whipped cream
Excellent Brewed Coffee, Soda, Water, Snapple, Gatorade, etc.
Celebrity Chef Gail is always inventing new foods and changing the menu for a fresh and exciting experience.
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